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1. I understand the rules and regulations of the road and I act accordingly.

2. I am in control of the steering wheel and always keep my car centered in my driving lane.

3. I can smoothly accelerate and maintain a certain speed.

4. I can drop speed or stop in a controlled and comfortable manner.

5. I perceive all signals and signs.

6. I use my mirrors correctly and execute shoulder checks when and where needed.

7. I signal when and where needed.

8. I establish eye-contact with pedestrians waiting on crosswalks or other traffic participants who should be concerned about my presence.

9. I scan precisely and realistically for potential and real hazards.

10. I cover the brake pedal when necessary.

11. I can accurately predict the outcomes of traffic situations interfering with my path of travel.

12. My visual observation pattern and my traffic imagination is constantly improving.

13. I am confident that my actions and maneuvers reflect safe and conscientious driving.

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